0 - Why I made a blog

So I guess I have a blog now

So let’s dive in straight into it. I never thought I would be one of those hyped up web developers with their own blog and perhaps a twitter account, where they tweet about the latest update to a library they like. But hear me out!

I dont’t know about your work, but where I work we often take spikes during our sprint. A spike is basically a piece of work that involves an engineer going out into the unknown to gather intel on a specific thing - it might be investigating a bug, or figuring out a solution for a problem, or maybe exploring a third party tool, or an API - you get to be an explorer within timeboxed ticket.

Spikes are one of my favourite pieces of work to do, precisely because of the concept of going out to the unknown and learning new things, experimenting with different technologies or just changing code locally to see what it does. At the end of the spike, you usually write down your learnings for the rest of the team to digest.

The more spikes I did, the more I realised how this writing process really solidifies my knowledge, it solidifies it so much, that it makes me wonder if it’s actually better than talking to someone about it, mainly because I get visual feedback on what I am trying to explain, I go back and make edits, I check what I wrote and try to see if it makes sense. The process of writing is what makes the learning more concrete.

So largely inspired by my buddy Andy, who has a truly excellent blog, I was like “fuck it!”, let’s make a blog and write about what I have been learning.

Another reason I decided to make a blog and start writing about web development is that I realised that when I have chunks of free time (between working, coding for fun or gaming), I never really utilised those chunks of time in the best way possible - you can read that as “I just watch complete bullshit on YouTube for hours”, so I thought that practising my writing and learning is a great way to fill those gaps.

What can you expect from this blog? Mostly me documenting my learnings on anything I’ve been playing with or picking up to learn. The first technical blog post I am excited to write about is how cool and easy to write Vue animations are.

Well, as a first post, I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, and stay tuned for your vue animations crash course!

Written by Emil Mladenov - a slavic software developer who decided to use a blog as a digital rubber duck

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